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“As a CTO and former private equity investor  and former CIO of several major global technology and financial services organizations, I would recommend Marc Lewis and Bill Liguori for being a great combination of savvy business executives and executive recruiters who have built a global boutique search firm that is an order of magnitude above even the best boutiques in the retained search business. In addition to doing great work for his clients, Marc recruited me into the CTO position at one of the world’s three largest investment banks and understood how important it was to recruit an executive with global experience to mesh with the global expansion of one of the world’s largest financial services firms. Their own business experience and the right strategy to build a firm rather than just buy the ability to advertise a ‘global network’ is a huge differentiator, with their multi-lingual team and searches done in 45 countries from the Americas, to Europe the Middle East and…
Tsvi GalCTO, Morgan Stanley; Former CTO, Bridgewater Associates; Former General Partner, Exigen Group

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