Do you have a business need but are not sure how to convert that need into appropriate hire?

Are you looking to fill a niche role but can’t seem to find the ideal candidate?

Are you uncertain whether your expectations for compensation are aligned with market realities?

Have you considered a market scan?

A market scan is a cost-effective way to facilitate an optimal talent acquisition strategy by proactively engaging potential candidates to help you define a realistic approach to address the specific hiring need(s).

When your market scan is complete, we will present findings, including:
  • An ideal job description and candidate profile
  • A developed company and candidate target list
  • The interest level of potential candidates
  • Compensation expectations
  • Non-compete issues

If the results of your market scan inspire you (most likely, they will), we often are asked to convert the market scan into an executive search by crediting the scan fee to the search engagement.


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