Leading by Example

You are looking to transform your organization. We specialize in recruiting senior executives, business professionals, consultants, & human resource leaders for our partners.

Why we’re here

We started Leadership Capital Group with a simple desire — to do something better than what was in the market.

With a multi-industry focus, Leadership Capital Group has completed thousands of searches in several dozen countries using the expertise of a multinational team with extensive virtual capabilities.

We believe in technology and have committed significant investment in our digital transformation to ensure our client partners are receiving the best possible experience and leverage in the market.

Combining our prowess with yours is an approach we abide by. It maximizes efficiency and it has brought us where we are today. It has taught us the bigger purpose behind commerce. When we face challenges together, we have the patience to do more than sell a service – when we do business, we engage, enable, and motivate.

John- Jazylo

We focus on building relationships and not the simple transaction. It’s all about being a “trusted advisor” not only for the search assignment but, more importantly, for leveraging our significant business experience and expertise.

Bill Liguori

When our work together is complete, our goal is for you to own the outcome and feel pride and ownership of the decisions we made together and to take your business forward.

How We Partner

Leadership Capital Group successfully retains 90% of its clients for multiple assignments. We keep it simple by providing a single point of contact with our partners to preserve the trusted advisor relationship.

Whether you are a large enterprise or a family business, we listen first. We partner with you to define a plan that drives positive change and winning results. The word ‘change’ for us is not the idealized notion of ‘revolution’; rather, it is something attainable and sustainable.

We strongly believe that alongside potential and enterprise, companies also need a perspective that allows a second look at the goals that will drive continued growth and impact.

Our Process