Need help getting to career clarity?

With a wholesome approach to preparing you for the next opportunity, our expert coaches serve as your invisible partner at each stage of your job transition.

Executive Coaching

As opposed to the one-size-fits-all business mantra, we hold one-on-one tailor-made coaching sessions with our clients to improve their performance and strengthen skills required for the next career opportunity.

We assist individual clients through an in-depth assessment of their skills, accomplishments, and ambition. Our experienced professionals work meticulously to provide you a career development strategy predicated upon current geographic, vertical, and functional market conditions.

With a wholesome approach to preparing you for the next opportunity, our expert coaches serve as your invisible partner at each stage of your job transition.

To assist our individual clients, we offer three individual plans:

Candidate Branding

An LCG branding specialist works closely with the individual client to develop a career leadership strategy that incorporates a customized professional resume, biography along with a detailed assessment of how to improve their social media presence.

We will assist you in developing targeted outreach campaigns to promote your personal brand. This service will assist in improving your ability to make follow-up targeted cold calls more effective and efficient.
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Career Transitioning & Counselling

Our focus on career counseling and transitioning is more than merely searching for another job. It is for those executives that seek a thorough exploration of their career options including roles similar to their current positions, or sorting through other opportunities such as board positions, venture capital/private equity, consulting , academic or philanthropic that leverages their experience and expertise.

The process will include one-on-one counseling with an experienced coach who will tailor the support to each individual client thus avoiding the one size fits all approach. Capitalizing on the business depth and skills of the LCG coach, the individual client will be provided with insightful coaching and strategy which will focus on improving their performance as they transition to the next career opportunity.
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On-Call Coaching/Mentoring

We at LCG strongly believe that having a mentor-coach is an incredibly valuable asset. To that end, we will provide an annual career evaluation and planning strategy assessment for our individual clients. This will help our clients focus on what is important to them as they continually advance their careers and achieve greater empowerment.

The client will have ready access to their coach to discuss an issue, recalibrate an approach to leadership development for the course of the first year following their new position. You will also have access to our extensive non-proprietary client company/vertical knowledge as to their strategic approach in hiring new executives. This will maximize your future growth potential.
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No matter which offering is selected, LCG individual clients will have our undying commitment to their career growth. We will be open and straightforward with our clients and ensure that your best interests are first and foremost. We are always accessible and will do whatever it takes to serve our clients efficiently, effectively, and expeditiously. We care about details and follow-though as what is important to our client is equally important to us. We understand and appreciate your desire for a new opportunity that advances your career as we have been in your shoes. We appreciate that today’s complex and sophisticated environment requires sound coaching and counselling with little margin for error providing the ability to bring significant and sustained change.

Our individual clients are provided a comprehensive executive development process with practical solutions to complex career development issues. If for some reason, LCG does not provide effective results for the individual client such as enhancing the client’s ability and agility to improve their ability to make their next career move, LCG will refund the first retainer, no questions asked.

To have an exploratory private discussion with one of our consultants, please call John V. Jazylo, Partner-in-Charge of LCG’s Counselling and Transitioning service at 201-321-8321 or contact by email at

John- Jazylo

We focus on building relationships and not the simple transaction. It’s all about being a “trusted advisor” not only for the search assignment but, more importantly, for leveraging our significant business experience and expertise.