Methodology & Search Process

LCG was the first high level retained executive search firm to provide a performance-oriented, milestone-based process and fee structure as early as one third of the way into the search process. The firm is committed to values-based and exhaustive reference checking. Its processes are built on knowledge that executives and Board members are hired for experience but fail where values and cultural fit with clients are not adequately matched.


LCG’s assignments are directed and executed by one and often two Partners with deep interest and experience in helping clients with similar challenges in their or parallel industries or functions. LCG’s compensation program is linked to results – from bottom to top.

Prior to developing recruitment strategies, LCG meets with the client search committee and/or Board members to establish a greater understanding of the need. The firm works closely with the client team to generate consensus on the exact specification for the position. At the onset of the search, LCG and the client identify the key success criteria for the position and continue to measure the candidates against such criteria during the search.

During the initial research stage, the Partner-directed research and execution team begins the identification of potential candidates using a variety of methods, including the creation of a target company list. Based on the criteria and specifications set in the initial kick-off meeting between LCG and the client, potential candidates are identified using LCG’s proprietary database, sourcing and other candidate identification subscription resources. The research team maintains a fluid candidate pipeline throughout the search life cycle.

During the candidate development process, LCG will prepare and provide weekly status reports; candidate biographies; resume summaries and assessment comments to confirm that the process is tracking as the parties desire. At least 24 hours prior to interviews, LCG generates and forwards to the client a written candidate report including details on each candidate’s compensation, background, assessment, and relevance to the specification. As candidates move through the process, LCG will work closely with the client to aid in candidate scheduling, coordinate timely candidate feedback, conduct thorough reference checks and assist with offer and negotiations for the finalist candidates.

LCG is highly confident in its search process and ability to attract and recruit potential candidates to deliver successful completions in or under its average completion time of 94 days.