Case Studies

Our client is the leader in K-12 online education and is partnering with Leadership Capital Group to expand its diverse consumer base.

Our client uses modern trends to promote a healthy and accessible educational environment.

Our customer is extending outreach beyond traditional market segments by reaching students and families unaware of their offerings and services. Leadership Capital Group utilized its LATAM team and an executive board member specializing in diversity inclusion and education to partner to provide top-quality online education options for students in need. Leadership Capital Group’s Latin American experience has helped our client expand their outreach to the Hispanic community and other multicultural markets.

Leadership Capital Group also plays a critical role in our client’s Career Readiness program to help high school students prepare for the next stage in life. Students can earn college credits, gain work experience through internships, and prepare for industry-recognized certification exams.his partnership is helping to promote students’ development of real-world skills and better future generations.

Logistics and Transportation - Case Study

Transportation / Logistics

Headquartered in Lowell, Arkansas, our client aligned with Leadership Capital Group to define a search strategy to recruit their current Chief Information Officer. With plans to transform the logistics industry, and the incumbent CIO set to retire after an 18-year career with the company…

Healthcare Case Study

Leading Healthcare & Insurance Company

Our relationship began in 2007. We were asked to help establish a vision and strategy around human capital growth allowing our client to earn their rightful spot as the leader in the market. Leadership Capital Group provided perspective into target industries, market diversity, and was retained to identify candidates capable of driving change at massive scale.