62% Increase in Demand for European Executive Positions Driven By Greece

62% Increase in Demand for European Executive Positions Driven By Greece

Westport, Connecticut; London, U.K. — June, 16, 2010 – According to Leadership Capital Group, a high level search consultancy with deep expertise in the U.S. and Europe, demand for executive positions in Europe have increased 62%.  The change in demand compares August-December 2009 search requests for senior level executives, with January-May 2010.  Further, 77% of European executive level position requests in 2010 are for battle-hardened turn-around executives with deep expertise in recessionary times.  This compares with just 48% in 2009.

According to Marc Lewis, CEO of Leadership Capital Group, “Right now we are seeing a ‘controlled panic’ amongst hiring executives.  But, we have indications of financial uncertainty and risk of spreading to other Southern European economies like the much larger Spanish market.  Right now, there is a sharp increase in CEOs and Managing Directors re-assessing whether their CFOs have the necessary financial forecasting skills needed in unpredictable financial markets.  Top-tier financial executives are in increasingly high demand,” he said.

Added Lilian Poilpot, Managing Director-EMEA of Leadership Capital Group, “There is a feeling with European operating companies that a domino effect might occur with other economies.  Many companies are quickly implementing change to mitigate risk if there is further economic strife.”

The results from Leadership Capital Group are based on in-depth interviews with more than 1420 executives between July 2009 and May 2010 – 762 were interviewed between July and September, and 658 between January and May.  Of those, 30% were hiring executives.

Added Lewis, “At issue is not the demand side of the equation, but rather the supply side.  We estimate based on interviews and evaluations of executives that for every 10 openings for a senior level position requiring executive deep financial acumen, there are probably three qualified candidates,” he said.

About Leadership Capital Group:
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