Howard Life Interview of Bill and Tatum Liguori – “Meet the Contestants”

Tatum & Bill Liguori, Leadership Capital Group and The Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults

billtatumTell us something interesting about yourselves?
We met in college and will be married 11 years on June 5th, so the June 3rd Soiree is a great precursor for our anniversary weekend. We have 3 children… our daughter, Taylor (8), and 2 sons, Billy (6) & Ben (3). Bill is a founding Partner of Leadership Capital Group, a retained executive search firm and a Board Member for the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults. When he’s not working, Bill enjoys playing golf, basketball, snow skiing, scuba diving and staying active in his kids’ sporting teams. Tatum is grateful to stay home with their 3 children full-time. When she’s not shuffling them around, she enjoys working out and is currently training for her first IronGirl Triathlon with TEAM FIGHT.

In your life (until SOIREE) tell us about your favorite dancing moment (prom, wedding, other?)
Every time we get home from a dance lesson, we show the kids our new moves. They laugh at us stumbling through the steps, give it a try themselves, and before we know it and impromptu family dance party starts.

Who is your favorite dancer, dancing scene from a movie / musical, etc:
Tatum: I still love the final dance scene from “Dirty Dancing.” “Nobody puts Baby in a corner.” I love it!
Bill: well…he doesn’t really watch many dance movies, so staying with Tatum’s theme, he’d have to say, Chris Farley in SNL in a dance off with Patrick Swayze.

Why on earth did you decide to do SOIREE (great cause, great fun, bought new shoes, Tourism begged you to…?)
We’ve always wanted to learn how to really dance and we’re always up for a challenge. So, when we were asked, we jumped at the chance. It has been a blast every step of the way (no pun intended)! The people at Arthur Murray have been awesome…and Emily, our instructor, has made it so much fun. Thanks, Emily!

What will make your performance DAZZLE?
We cannot disclose that at this time. You will have to see for yourselves on June 3rd!

Who will be cheering, clapping for you?
Our children, parents, siblings, family and friends from all over, including Kings Contrivance Village, The Ulman Cancer Fund, and Leadership Capital Group.